TRAINER  is a web platform that allows to realize the training work

(with the combined use of videos, questionnaires, manuals and other documents) via intranet or extranet. TRAINER allows you to reach worldwide the recipient of the info/formation, to recognize it with the access registration, to submit the training program (through many possible arguments in mediaprodotti modality) and to have in realtime, thanks to storage of data, the state of the internal training activity.


Educational tool always customized according to the needs of the Companies, Educational Institutes or Schools (click on the image)

Educational medium useful to the implementation and training of company managing systems: quality, safety, environment, hygiene products. Introduction of personal staff members. Technical and trading education, operating training - Behavior education
Workbook of use and maintenance of machinery according to “machine instructions”

To verify the educational subjects, the qualification and the monitoring, always reviewable

Introduction of cultural events under a multimedial forms