Our company, operating since 2001, provides training and communication services, by transferring them in digital form (CD, DVD, web objects), tailored to the training needs of the customer, that companies appreciate because they allow make very practical and quick all training and information activities, in particular at operational levels.
We can create training products on all topics (safety, quality, hygiene products, maintenance, operating procedures, technical and behavioral training).

Products, called mediaCourses and mediaProcedures have the characteristics of movies or documentaries, but with specific communicative approach and including video playback or graphics of your actual situations in order to be " clothes on " to your needs.
It is thus possible to describe requirements and attention on issues of safety, technical assistance, quality control in production acceptance, etc.).

The mediacourses or mediaprocedures can be complemented with mediaquestionnaires for the assessment and the qualification of the personnel, they are always traceable.
We are therefore able to design, build, deliver and maintain over time the complete package that covers all phases of the training or the training of personnel, from design and content to illustrate the aspects to be verified, to the creation of the media.